Caregiving And The Workplace

Caregiving And The Workplace

Is your company losing valuable time and productivity because your employees are stressed over their caregiving responsibilities?

Did you know that the primary family caregiver (the middle aged person who works for you) spends an average of almost 20 hours per week caring for an elderly parent?

While your employees may not take that much time off to help elderly parents and relatives, they essentially have another job at night and on the weekends and, eventually, the exhaustion will manifest itself in fatigue, potential morale problems, and lost productivity at work.

Colony Care can help reduce your employee absenteeism and save your company hundreds, perhaps thousands, of hours in lost time and productivity.

The way we do this is by offering a helping hand to your employees who are forced to take time away from work to care for elderly parents and loved ones.

About Caregiving And The Workplace

As America’s elderly population increases, the demand for caregivers has never been greater, often at the expense of work, family and relationships.

Today, the nation’s caregiving population is estimated at 25 million – two thirds of the working population.

According to a recent survey conducted by MarketFacts 1, more than 40 percent of American households previously or currently provide care for a loved one.

Employee’s elder care duties, according to analysts, are causing an estimated $29 billion dollars in lost productivity each year. Of caregivers who work full time:

  • 80% of working caregivers reported emotional strain
  • 40% missed work on a regular basis due to the health needs of an elderly loved one
  • 50% reported financial strain
  • 42% were unprepared for balancing work and caregiving responsibilities
We provide in-home care to older and disabled adults throughout Hampden & Hampshire Counties, and the border towns of Hartford County.
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